Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grocery Shopping

Ugh. I'm planning our menus for this week - something that I've found cuts back on our grocery bill quite a bit and makes my week so much simpler b/c i know what to cook and have everything I need. But sometimes, like this week, it's just a pain in the butt. I've used menu planning websites and cookbooks that do most of the planning work for you and I love that. However, sometimes they don't quite fit into our healthy eating diet. So I've been planing menus one my own lately. Kaden is lactose intolerant. A specialist said he was ok to have cheese and yogurt b/c the amount of lactose is so low in those. However, he's still been getting sick, so now we're back to strictly no dairy at all. There's dairy in everything. I have to really be conscious of it when cooking dinner b/c so many recipes we love have dairy in them. Now it turns out, I'm on a NO-CARB diet for the rest of my pregnancy. Great, so I have to plan meals that the whole family will like, using no dairy and no carbs, while not getting completely bored of grilled chicken and veggies. And good luck finding someone elses weekly menu plan that doesn't include dairy or carbs. Ken doesn't know yet that I'll be cutting carbs from my cooking yet. We already eat only complex carbs, and I guess I could still cook brown rice and stuff for the rest of the family. But at least for now, while I adjust, I'm not going to be able to cook it without eating it. So my shopping list this week consists of chicken, shrimp, some canned beans, lactose free milk, eggs and 18 different kinds of vegetables. Just one more complication to a chore I don't particularly love - Except for when I'm getting FREE stuff with my coupons!

I'm 30 weeks now, so ten more weeks to go until we become a family of five. FIVE! Wow. That sounds big. All and all this has been a great pregnancy, once I got past the first 3 1/2 months. I remember full well that it's the last two months that are really difficult, and about this weekend is when I've started to really feel very LARGE. He's getting big and I'm noticing it more and more.
This past weekend we were just North of Austin at our friends Erin and Brad's Lake house. We weren't plannign to be evacuees, but Ike came in teh same time we were plannign ot head out, so it worked out well for us. I feel a little guilty to say that I spent the weekend on a boat, getting a tan and relaxing with my husband (who, thanks to Ike, got to take a weekend off and come with us!!) Saturday night while we were there, I woke Kenny up to my sudden cry of pain - I was jolted from my sleep when the baby kicked me and the pain was so sharp and sudden I felt like I might throw up. Like he's holding knives between his toes in there! There were a few other times when he moved past that spot and again, it hurt. I was worried Sunday morning, but we were leaving the Lake House and had packing and cleaning and driving to do, so I tried to ignore it. By that evening I was getting myself stressed out about it, imagining the pain was from my placenta tearing away and becoming more and more convinced that he was moving less than normal. I called Cathy, my midwife, and after describing everything, she told me that it was not anything to panic over - apparantly he bruising me from the inside out! Not a fun feeling. I swear he likes to stretch out completely in there. Sometimes I'll feel him pushing his foot out so hard, I have to actually put my hand there adn push it back to keep him form hurting me. Cathy says it's not extremely common, but it happens, and she's even had women who have gotten cracked ribs from babies kicking so hard!! I'm starting to think this little guy and Kaden are going to have a lot of fun together!
Which reminds me - we had our 4D ultrasound last week! It was so fun. I'll be sharing those pictures soon! We have the whole thing on DVD, so I'm going to get someone to help me edit out a few scenes and post them. He opened his mouth and started chewing on his fist. The 4D ultrasound is amazing, you can see his tongue, he even opened his eye and you can actually see the iris! We saw fuzzy hair on his head, and got some great shots of his face and despite all my hopes that one day I'd get a child that looked anything like me - he looks EXACTLY like Kaden, same mouth same nose. So, I'm preparing myself for another little Mini-Kenny. Ah... guess this just means I'll have to try one more time! Just have to see if I can convince my sister to carry the baby for me - I'm not up for doing this pregnancy again for a LONG time!

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