Tuesday, October 27, 2009


But of course... the obligatory pumpkin pictures...
This past Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market at La Centerra.  I wanted the kids to pick out pumpkins and I love getting fresh produce from the local farmers there, and there's always some yummy homemade jams or bread.  Kaden saw the pumpkins as soon as we walked up, and ran straight for the "big, huge, giant one."

"I want this big, huge, giant one mommy!"  He could not get over that big pumpkin.  I was really tempted to get it for him, as happy as it made him.  I asked him what we would do with a pumpkin that big and he said, "We can get lots of seeds from it!"  I'm still tempted to surprise him with one.  And in that case, I'll be baking pumpkin pies for everyone we know and we'll be eating pumpkin seeds for months!  Look how happy that pumpkin makes him!

 And amazingly, I actually got a shot with all three kids smiling!

I also found a treat for myself at the Farmer's Market.  I joined an organic produce co-op.  I've been wanting to join one for a long time, but it seemed so complicated.  But it turns out there's one that brings the orders to La Centerra every other week.  The Co-op works where you get organic food at better prices, and you get a selection of whatever fruits and vegetables are bought locally for that week.  So, you find out what you're getting the day before. It'll be good for us because we like lots of variety, and it will help introduce me to some new veggies I haven't tried to cook before.  This week, for example, they had bok choy.  A friends sent me a yummy recipe to use it with shrimp and vermicelli pasta (something else I've never cooked before) and it was so yummy.  Incredibly, all the kids loved it.  Even Linc, who has been avoiding most vegetables lately.  I love how fresh the produce is, knowing that it's locally grown and that it's all toxin-free.  We'll see what other food adventures I have with my next order in 2 weeks.  We ran into Bama and Great-Grandmother Carol at the Farmer's Market.  GG Carol laughed at me as I fed Linc a chocolate chip cookie one of the vendors gave to the kids, while paying for my healthy organic produce.   Linc enjoyed every bit of that cookie - well, the bits that didn't end up on his face.

Last week, my friend Erin took Tayla along with her two daughters Avery & Charli to Enchanted Gardens to take pictures with the pumpkins.  Look how great they turned out!  Thanks Erin!

Then Saturday night we had a Halloween Party at the Smith's.  Here's a sneak preview of the cutie patooties' costumes this year...

our "Glam Witch" (but, of course), Hulk (this would be the 2nd year he's been Hulk - what can I say, the kids loves big muscles, like Daddy), and our adorable little skeleton.

I mean really, have you ever seen a more adorable skeleton?  I love him in this costume.  He wasn't really sure what to think of everyone in their costumes - but he did LOVE my wig.

I was The Octomom... really didn't have to add that many kids to play the part. :-)

We had a nice lazy Sunday. We played at the house, then went to the park.
I LOVE this picture of Linc.  He was having so much fun putting on his construction hard hat and using his little saw.

While Kaden cozied up and  watched Caillou.

Then it was Kaden's turn to play...

while Linc cozied up.

Tayla had her first Brownie meeting that afternoon, then we went over to Frammy's house for dinner.  The kids love playing at Frammy's because they get to spend hours on the four-wheeler and now they also have her new golf cart to ride around on.  Tayla got to drive Kaden in the golf cart all by herself - Mom and Bama were a little unsure about that idea, but Frammy was sure it was just fine.  Turns out, Tayla's not a bad driver and she avoided crashing into a tree or throwing her brother off (fortunately the golf cart doesn't get going very fast!)  Here are some pictures of the kids running around outside and Linc exploring on the golf cart.

Linc found this tiny acorn and he threw it and chased it around over and over again for the longest time.  He was adorable as he'd run around looking for it.

Linc loves his big brother and he's starting to want to do everything Kaden does.  Outside, Kaden would run around in circles, and Linc would just follow right behind him, not quite understanding the game, but knowing that if big brother was doing it, it must be cool.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh, hello again!

I envy all those moms with their cute pictures uploaded and blogged every day.  I tell you, these kids I've got here are so stinkin' cute, and I know the entire world wants to ooh and ahh every their every milestone each day.  I just haven't been able to make it work lately.  So here's a quick catch-up!

4th of July - What a cute bunch!

Tayla's 1st Day of School

Our beautiful 7 year old.

Linc started walking at 9 1/2 months, he learned to say Dadda at 10 months, wave bye-bye and  snap.  That's right.  At 10 months old, our baby genius started snapping.  I'm sure there's a huge future for a child snapping-prodigy.  All of these things I have adorable videos for.  Yet, I think Blogger has changed and now I can't figure out how to upload videos.  Hmmm... next post I guess.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Tooth!!

Lincoln cut his first tooth today! We were sitting on my Mother-in-laws patio chatting, when he started chewing on my hand, and suddenly something sharp grazed me. I looked and his bottom right tooth had cut through. Yay! It's no wonder he was so unbelievably needy the last two days and not sleeping through the night anymore. I'm happy it's just the teething, and hopefully we'll go back to sleeping a little more normally again. Although, I think the tooth next to it might be working it's way up next.

He's also started pulling up to stand on everything! So cute b/c he's so tiny. And it's the saddest thing ever when I put him down for a nap, and go back in to check on him and not only is he crying, which tugs on my heart, but now sometimes he's standing up, holding the bars, tiny little legs wobbling as he cries to please rescue him from his prison! Almost impossible not to swoop in and pick him up when you see that! He's also started standing on his own for several seconds at a time. He gets so excited, and he knows he's doing something cool.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Splash Day @ Preschool

Kaden's Preschool had Splash Day on the last day of school. This is RIGHT up Kaden's alley. They had a table covered in shaving cream - so simple, but I think I've now found our go-to Summer Activity. He LOVED it. He's always getting into Shampoos and Lotions and Creams at home, dumping out whole bottles and rubbing them all in his hair and on his belly. This was perfect for him b/c he could cover himself in slimy stuff and not get in trouble!

They also had sidewalk paint, Kiddy pools with tons of toys. Kaden didn't pay much attention to all that though - he was content to spend the entire time covering himself with Shaving Cream and Blowing Bubbles. He LOVES bubbles. Going to have to get him one of these huge bubble wands.

And what a better end to the day, than a popsicle with all his friends. Perfect Day for our little Kaden and a nice end to his first year of Preschool. He loves his teachers Miss Jennie and Miss Susan and he'll miss them. His favorite parts of preschool are recess & music time - he's always coming home singing songs, and I can't always tell what the words are, so I was happy to see that the music teacher gave all the kids a CD with her favorite songs from the school year. Kaden loves it and we dance and sing to it all the time now.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Ken was working, as usual, so I took the kids to dinner with several girlfriends at Clay's Restaurant. They have a sandbox, and tons of animals, and a big open field to run around it, so Kaden was loving it.

Here are our 2008 Babies - Lincoln, Brooklyn & Avery, they're all just a few months apart.

My friend Shanna, with her sweet baby girl Avery, and Me with Linc. Shanna and I saw this picture and realized we look a lot like sisters here!

Little Miss B trying on the worlds largest bow!

Miss B, Kirsten & Sara

Thursday, May 21, 2009


We had a really nice day Monday, playing at the park. We took a break to relax in the shade and it was so fun watching the two of them start to play together. Lincoln is developing such a little sense of humor, I think he will be our little comedian. He's always so happy, and laughing. He thinks his big brother is hilarious. This video has me cracking up every time I watch it. Almost as funny as Lincoln's reaction to Kaden, is me - panicking every time b/c I think he's going to get hit in the head, but then not stopping it b/c he's laughing SO hard. Fun over safety, I guess!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

He's mobile!!

Lincoln turned 6 months old 3 days ago, and today he is crawling!!! Yay!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

But Daddy says...

I took Kaden to the park today. We walked there with Lincoln in the stroller, Kaden and I enjoying our Otter Pops. I sat Lincoln down on a blanket in the grass, while I read a magazine and Kaden played. Ahhh... the first of many idyllic Summer days.
Suddenly, I noticed Kaden coming towards us, near the grass. I looked up and as it hit me, I yelled "No, no, no!!!" Then I realize there is a mom and her teenage daughter walking past the park and I am drawing more attention to the situation. Kaden has his pants and underwear at his ankles, hands on his peeny-weeney on full display in the middle of our neighborhood, white little booty wiggling as he shuffles (remember, pants at his ankles) over to the grass. I say, (b/c I've now calmed down from screaming) "Honey, we don't pee at the park. Other people don't want to see our privates." while rushing to get everything covered back up. He looks at me and says "No, daddy said I go pee-pee in grass!!". I have Lincoln in one arm, as I struggle to pull up Kaden's underwear with the other, and I'm saying, "No, honey, you have to put your pants back on, we do not go pee-pee at the park!" all the while, very aware that the mom and her daughter have GOT to be watching... and laughing, no doubt.
Then, as loud as he possibly can, he screams "NO, DADDY TOLD ME GO PEE-PEE IN GRASS!!!!"
Thank you Daddy. You thought it was cute in the backyard. But you're at work during the day. It's REAL cute now. Thank you!

Mothers Day & Baby Dedication

My Mother's Day was wonderful this year. I got Breakfast in bed... at 7am... but there was coffee, and at least I was still in bed at 7 am, instead of rambling around in a daze, trying to get children dressed and get "Pat, Pat" (Little Einsteins) on the tv. Tayla brought me a beautiful and very creative card she made and a little book she also made for me at school. 10 Reasons Why I love my mom... She loves me because, I make her dinner, I'm sweet to her, etc. Oh, and Reason #3? "I love my mom because she's sometimes in a nice mood."
Well, at least she looks for the positive in life! (on a side note, I'm not sure which is better, this, or my friend Erin's book, written by her 2nd grader, which says "My Mommy loves my daddy because... he has big feet!")

We tried to take a nice family picture, but this is the best we could get. Kids are so cooperative!

We also had the boys Dedicated on Sunday. Our Church does a Baby Dedication, a scripture is chosen for each child and then the church prays over them, and the family. All the Grandparents came and my brothers and sisters. It was fun having all the family in church with us and a nice way to spend Mother's Day. I was concerned about how our active little Kaden would do up on stage in front of the entire church. This is his first thought about checking out all the fun wires and equipment for the sound system. But once Daddy he held him he was a perfect angel. He waved to the church and gave the pastor a five.The boys were each given their own Bible and Certificates with their scripture on them.
Lincoln's scripture is "Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong." 1 Corinthians 16:13
Kaden's scripture is "The child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon him." Luke 2:40
I think both are very fitting. I hope desperately that Kaden will grow and be filled with wisdom and grace! And Lincoln's made me smile where it says "Be strong." I'm sure he'll get that sentiment often. Kaden likes to walk up to me and start playing rough, and when I say, "Ow, that hurts," he says "Be tough, mommy, be tough!"
The Dolan Clan (Kelly's family)

The Glass/Cole/Thom Bunch (Ken's family)

After church both my family and Ken's family had Spaghetti dinner at my Mother in law's house. Ken and I are spoiled. We have the greatest in-laws! My parents and his parents all get along great so we get to do holidays and family stuff together with everyone, and we all enjoy the crowd.
Yep, that's a tattoo on our 6 month old baby.
Once Daddy put Lincoln in this outfit, he just knew it needed some tattoos. He's got a dragon on the left shoulder, just like daddy, and another one on the right.

Daddy & Lincoln

Tayla & Kaden with Cousin Emma.
They love getting in the hot tub at Frammy's house.

Grandma & Lincoln

Kaden gets naked any chance he can find!
I'm pretty sure he's watching to see if Frammy is going to feed the horses.

Ken's brother, Gary & his wife, Erin came in town for the weekend to surprise Mom.

Ken cuddling with his momma - and is that him sucking on his thumb??
Be sure to tell him you saw this picture. He'll thank me ;-)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Muffins with Mom

We had Muffins with Mom this Tuesday at Kaden's Preschool. We got to eat muffins and juice together upstairs and then we went back to the classrooms where the kids sang a song about moms, and then Kaden gave me a flower in a pot that he had planted, with a cute picture of him and a heart-shaped pin he made for me to wear, that he had decorated all by himself! I think Kaden's favorite part was the chocolate muffins (because of course anything food-related is his favorite!) but I must say, my favorite part was the singing. Kaden was the best singer there!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Working with Daddy

When Kaden was about 18 months old, Kenny was home with Kaden one day while I was out. Ken really wanted to get the lawn mowed, but he had to figure out someway to do it safely while watching after Kaden - who was VERY mobile and VERY attached to daddy at the time. Kenny's solution was to put Kaden on his shoulders. He mowed the entire lawn with that kid on his shoulders and Kaden LOVED it! I remember Kaden could hardly sit up on Daddy's Shoulders by himself, so Kenny would hunch over makign it easier for Kaden to balance. Well,Daddy had no idea what he started! After that, every time Kenny got out the mower, Kaden wanted on his shoulders! I think it was his absolute favorite thing to do. We couldn't even walk through the garage without Kaden running over to the lawn mower, saying "Daddy mow! Daddy mow!"
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So Kaden hs gotten bigger and after a year of adding 30 lbs to his weekly mow, Ken decided it was time to find a better solution. Here's how they mow the lawn now!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tayla's Birthday

I can not believe my baby girl is 7. It's weird that it has actually been that long. I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with her (September 11, 2001, actually) and it doesn't seem that long ago. Yet, at the same time, a LOT has changed. Tayla was the sweetest little baby. She was only 6 lbs when she was born and she has stayed teeny-tiny. Everywhere I went people would ooh and ahh over her and those BIG eyes. Bias or not, she really was a beautiful baby. And she's still as beautiful as ever. She's developing such a big personality. She's every bit a "Girly-Girl", as she calls it. She loves fashion, and is very serious about choosing her clothes. I've already been told in no uncertain terms that my fashion knowledge does not stand up to hers!

Here's my Birthday Interview with Tayla:
What's your Favorite Color? Red
Favorite Food? Mom's Spaghetti
Who's your Best Friend? Bailey (from her class at school)
What's your Favorite Thing to Do? Dance, I mean Sing! Ok, Sing & Dance!
What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? a Teacher
What Grade? First
What's the best thing that happened this year? My Birthday

Tayla celebrated her Birthday on Sunday at Incredible Pizza. She had a blast! I had.. um... stress (they were so unorganized). But all in all it was a great day and the kids really loved it. It's a huge play center with arcades, go-karts, bumper cars, huge buffet and several themed dining rooms. Her favorite part was the Go-Kart race, where she teamed up with Mommy and we won 1st Place!!!