Friday, May 15, 2009

But Daddy says...

I took Kaden to the park today. We walked there with Lincoln in the stroller, Kaden and I enjoying our Otter Pops. I sat Lincoln down on a blanket in the grass, while I read a magazine and Kaden played. Ahhh... the first of many idyllic Summer days.
Suddenly, I noticed Kaden coming towards us, near the grass. I looked up and as it hit me, I yelled "No, no, no!!!" Then I realize there is a mom and her teenage daughter walking past the park and I am drawing more attention to the situation. Kaden has his pants and underwear at his ankles, hands on his peeny-weeney on full display in the middle of our neighborhood, white little booty wiggling as he shuffles (remember, pants at his ankles) over to the grass. I say, (b/c I've now calmed down from screaming) "Honey, we don't pee at the park. Other people don't want to see our privates." while rushing to get everything covered back up. He looks at me and says "No, daddy said I go pee-pee in grass!!". I have Lincoln in one arm, as I struggle to pull up Kaden's underwear with the other, and I'm saying, "No, honey, you have to put your pants back on, we do not go pee-pee at the park!" all the while, very aware that the mom and her daughter have GOT to be watching... and laughing, no doubt.
Then, as loud as he possibly can, he screams "NO, DADDY TOLD ME GO PEE-PEE IN GRASS!!!!"
Thank you Daddy. You thought it was cute in the backyard. But you're at work during the day. It's REAL cute now. Thank you!


Laura said...

Ha Ha!!! That's hilarious!!

kennethglass2001 said...

that is funny. If it wasnt for me you wouldnt have all these amazing blogs to post...soo your welcome dear...I heart you!