Thursday, May 28, 2009

Splash Day @ Preschool

Kaden's Preschool had Splash Day on the last day of school. This is RIGHT up Kaden's alley. They had a table covered in shaving cream - so simple, but I think I've now found our go-to Summer Activity. He LOVED it. He's always getting into Shampoos and Lotions and Creams at home, dumping out whole bottles and rubbing them all in his hair and on his belly. This was perfect for him b/c he could cover himself in slimy stuff and not get in trouble!

They also had sidewalk paint, Kiddy pools with tons of toys. Kaden didn't pay much attention to all that though - he was content to spend the entire time covering himself with Shaving Cream and Blowing Bubbles. He LOVES bubbles. Going to have to get him one of these huge bubble wands.

And what a better end to the day, than a popsicle with all his friends. Perfect Day for our little Kaden and a nice end to his first year of Preschool. He loves his teachers Miss Jennie and Miss Susan and he'll miss them. His favorite parts of preschool are recess & music time - he's always coming home singing songs, and I can't always tell what the words are, so I was happy to see that the music teacher gave all the kids a CD with her favorite songs from the school year. Kaden loves it and we dance and sing to it all the time now.


Kirsten: said...

Kaden is such a cutie!!!

The Siegert Family said...

i agree with kirsten and def a while child. He is like the energizer bunny. he keeps going and going and going. HA. He has more energy than me.