Friday, May 15, 2009

Mothers Day & Baby Dedication

My Mother's Day was wonderful this year. I got Breakfast in bed... at 7am... but there was coffee, and at least I was still in bed at 7 am, instead of rambling around in a daze, trying to get children dressed and get "Pat, Pat" (Little Einsteins) on the tv. Tayla brought me a beautiful and very creative card she made and a little book she also made for me at school. 10 Reasons Why I love my mom... She loves me because, I make her dinner, I'm sweet to her, etc. Oh, and Reason #3? "I love my mom because she's sometimes in a nice mood."
Well, at least she looks for the positive in life! (on a side note, I'm not sure which is better, this, or my friend Erin's book, written by her 2nd grader, which says "My Mommy loves my daddy because... he has big feet!")

We tried to take a nice family picture, but this is the best we could get. Kids are so cooperative!

We also had the boys Dedicated on Sunday. Our Church does a Baby Dedication, a scripture is chosen for each child and then the church prays over them, and the family. All the Grandparents came and my brothers and sisters. It was fun having all the family in church with us and a nice way to spend Mother's Day. I was concerned about how our active little Kaden would do up on stage in front of the entire church. This is his first thought about checking out all the fun wires and equipment for the sound system. But once Daddy he held him he was a perfect angel. He waved to the church and gave the pastor a five.The boys were each given their own Bible and Certificates with their scripture on them.
Lincoln's scripture is "Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong." 1 Corinthians 16:13
Kaden's scripture is "The child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon him." Luke 2:40
I think both are very fitting. I hope desperately that Kaden will grow and be filled with wisdom and grace! And Lincoln's made me smile where it says "Be strong." I'm sure he'll get that sentiment often. Kaden likes to walk up to me and start playing rough, and when I say, "Ow, that hurts," he says "Be tough, mommy, be tough!"
The Dolan Clan (Kelly's family)

The Glass/Cole/Thom Bunch (Ken's family)

After church both my family and Ken's family had Spaghetti dinner at my Mother in law's house. Ken and I are spoiled. We have the greatest in-laws! My parents and his parents all get along great so we get to do holidays and family stuff together with everyone, and we all enjoy the crowd.
Yep, that's a tattoo on our 6 month old baby.
Once Daddy put Lincoln in this outfit, he just knew it needed some tattoos. He's got a dragon on the left shoulder, just like daddy, and another one on the right.

Daddy & Lincoln

Tayla & Kaden with Cousin Emma.
They love getting in the hot tub at Frammy's house.

Grandma & Lincoln

Kaden gets naked any chance he can find!
I'm pretty sure he's watching to see if Frammy is going to feed the horses.

Ken's brother, Gary & his wife, Erin came in town for the weekend to surprise Mom.

Ken cuddling with his momma - and is that him sucking on his thumb??
Be sure to tell him you saw this picture. He'll thank me ;-)


Kirsten: said...

Ah, glad you had a Happy Mother's Day!!! Love Linc all tatted up...what a rebel!!!

The Siegert Family said...

ha ha ha I LOVE the picture of kaden naked. I have noticed he is either naked or topless. Hemust take after his daddy huh. LOL. and LOVE linc's tatoo. he is already following in daddy's footsteps. watch out mom..happy late mothers day too.