Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Tooth!!

Lincoln cut his first tooth today! We were sitting on my Mother-in-laws patio chatting, when he started chewing on my hand, and suddenly something sharp grazed me. I looked and his bottom right tooth had cut through. Yay! It's no wonder he was so unbelievably needy the last two days and not sleeping through the night anymore. I'm happy it's just the teething, and hopefully we'll go back to sleeping a little more normally again. Although, I think the tooth next to it might be working it's way up next.

He's also started pulling up to stand on everything! So cute b/c he's so tiny. And it's the saddest thing ever when I put him down for a nap, and go back in to check on him and not only is he crying, which tugs on my heart, but now sometimes he's standing up, holding the bars, tiny little legs wobbling as he cries to please rescue him from his prison! Almost impossible not to swoop in and pick him up when you see that! He's also started standing on his own for several seconds at a time. He gets so excited, and he knows he's doing something cool.


Leilani said...

How exciting! Lincoln looks so squeezable in that picture

Kirsten: said...

Yeah Linc!!!

The Siegert Family said...

yeah first of many more. he looks like you alot in this pic