Tuesday, October 27, 2009


But of course... the obligatory pumpkin pictures...
This past Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market at La Centerra.  I wanted the kids to pick out pumpkins and I love getting fresh produce from the local farmers there, and there's always some yummy homemade jams or bread.  Kaden saw the pumpkins as soon as we walked up, and ran straight for the "big, huge, giant one."

"I want this big, huge, giant one mommy!"  He could not get over that big pumpkin.  I was really tempted to get it for him, as happy as it made him.  I asked him what we would do with a pumpkin that big and he said, "We can get lots of seeds from it!"  I'm still tempted to surprise him with one.  And in that case, I'll be baking pumpkin pies for everyone we know and we'll be eating pumpkin seeds for months!  Look how happy that pumpkin makes him!

 And amazingly, I actually got a shot with all three kids smiling!

I also found a treat for myself at the Farmer's Market.  I joined an organic produce co-op.  I've been wanting to join one for a long time, but it seemed so complicated.  But it turns out there's one that brings the orders to La Centerra every other week.  The Co-op works where you get organic food at better prices, and you get a selection of whatever fruits and vegetables are bought locally for that week.  So, you find out what you're getting the day before. It'll be good for us because we like lots of variety, and it will help introduce me to some new veggies I haven't tried to cook before.  This week, for example, they had bok choy.  A friends sent me a yummy recipe to use it with shrimp and vermicelli pasta (something else I've never cooked before) and it was so yummy.  Incredibly, all the kids loved it.  Even Linc, who has been avoiding most vegetables lately.  I love how fresh the produce is, knowing that it's locally grown and that it's all toxin-free.  We'll see what other food adventures I have with my next order in 2 weeks.  We ran into Bama and Great-Grandmother Carol at the Farmer's Market.  GG Carol laughed at me as I fed Linc a chocolate chip cookie one of the vendors gave to the kids, while paying for my healthy organic produce.   Linc enjoyed every bit of that cookie - well, the bits that didn't end up on his face.

Last week, my friend Erin took Tayla along with her two daughters Avery & Charli to Enchanted Gardens to take pictures with the pumpkins.  Look how great they turned out!  Thanks Erin!

Then Saturday night we had a Halloween Party at the Smith's.  Here's a sneak preview of the cutie patooties' costumes this year...

our "Glam Witch" (but, of course), Hulk (this would be the 2nd year he's been Hulk - what can I say, the kids loves big muscles, like Daddy), and our adorable little skeleton.

I mean really, have you ever seen a more adorable skeleton?  I love him in this costume.  He wasn't really sure what to think of everyone in their costumes - but he did LOVE my wig.

I was The Octomom... really didn't have to add that many kids to play the part. :-)

We had a nice lazy Sunday. We played at the house, then went to the park.
I LOVE this picture of Linc.  He was having so much fun putting on his construction hard hat and using his little saw.

While Kaden cozied up and  watched Caillou.

Then it was Kaden's turn to play...

while Linc cozied up.

Tayla had her first Brownie meeting that afternoon, then we went over to Frammy's house for dinner.  The kids love playing at Frammy's because they get to spend hours on the four-wheeler and now they also have her new golf cart to ride around on.  Tayla got to drive Kaden in the golf cart all by herself - Mom and Bama were a little unsure about that idea, but Frammy was sure it was just fine.  Turns out, Tayla's not a bad driver and she avoided crashing into a tree or throwing her brother off (fortunately the golf cart doesn't get going very fast!)  Here are some pictures of the kids running around outside and Linc exploring on the golf cart.

Linc found this tiny acorn and he threw it and chased it around over and over again for the longest time.  He was adorable as he'd run around looking for it.

Linc loves his big brother and he's starting to want to do everything Kaden does.  Outside, Kaden would run around in circles, and Linc would just follow right behind him, not quite understanding the game, but knowing that if big brother was doing it, it must be cool.


Kirsten: said...

Great pix Kel! So glad I got to see you & the munchkins last night!

The Siegert Family said...

great pics... love that big huge pumpkin. I think Avery would be in heaven and would try and pick up that huge thing. ha ha.. as for the p patch its not the one on clay. its at a church by our house.. actually where sara and casey got married. they had a small patch with lots of pumpkins all different sizs... I bet the kids would love it if you go there..

Lisa said...

they are the CUTEST!!!!