Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I've got bad tech karma

Sooo...... I posted saying that my new goal was to blog more regularly.  And then the very next day, Kaden and a garden hose met my laptop.  No good.  Yes, I know... Why was the laptop outside with the garden hose?  I don't want to hear it ok.  I mean, what's the benefit of having a laptop and running a business from home with the kids if you can't get work done on a beautiful day while the kids play in the backyard?  Made perfect sense to me.  And in his defense, he wasn't trying to hose down the laptop. I got a call and stepped away for a minute (stupid phone!) and he thought he'd be a dear and wash the windows for me.... the windows right behind the laptop.
It took THREE freaking months to get the laptop back.  I bought Accidental Damage coverage from Safeware. Took them 2 months to get it back to me, and when they sent it back UPS lost it for 3 days and I had to drive an hour to the UPS center and pick it up myself.  Then I opened the box and they sent it back with a broken A/C adapter!  So Toshiba said they'd send me one in 6 days - a month later, I finally got the a/c adapter.  oh, and it now has malware, that it didn't have before, and there's a problem with the hard drive.  Toshiba told me to send it to them to fix it.  Uh, no thanks.  I'm done.  So after three months I finally have a functioning (although, somewhat slow) computer, and when I have the emotionally energy to deal with it again, I'll have a tech guy come to the house and look at it.  Tip - Don't buy Safeware insurance.  Spend the extra money and go with Best Buy's plan.  I won't be shipping out a laptop for repairs ever again.


And it's not just the laptop.  EVERYTHING is breaking or getting lost.  In one week, the dishwasher broke, the disposal broke, the vacuum broke, the washing machine flooded the entire front of my house. My cell phone is half functioning (Lincoln threw it in the bathtub... see a running theme here?.)  My camera is lost, spilled coffee on my GPS, and now there's liquid damage on the screen.  I also narrowly avoided a wreck the other day swerving to miss the car that pulled right in front of me, by an inch, and then 2 hours later, hydroplaned and flew right off a back road, narrowly avoiding the massive ditch on one side and then finally stopping inches from the edge of a 3 foot drop off on a gravel path. I'm telling you, I'm just a mess.  It seems like right now, whatever can go wrong, will.  I think I'm a nice person.  I try to do as much good for other people as I can.  But my Karma is bad right now.  I don't know what I did.  Upset the tech gods or something.  The other day someone said to me, well, everything happens in threes.... but I'm on like my 5th set of 3 right now!

So, even though I know I shouldn't say it....  I will regret it, and I'm sure something else will go wrong with this computer once I say this.  I'm going to take my chances and say one more time, I'm going to get better at this blogging thing.... (I think I just heard lightning strike somewhere nearby...)

So here's cute pictures of my kids. We went to San Antonio for a few days in December.  We really needed a vacation, and we haven't been on a family vacation in a long time.  Mostly because we haven't wanted to, to be honest.  "Vacation" doesn't really apply with 3 little kids.  Staying somewhere other than home is usually exhausting - things aren't baby proofed and the stuff.  Oh my goodness. The STUFF needed to take 3 kids anywhere is ridiculous.  I need a vacation after a vacation with the kids.  But this time was so much fun!  They're getting a little older (ok, Kaden's getting a little less "terrible two") and we just had a 3 hour drive.  I wasn't sure how much there would be to do with the kids in San Antonio, but there was tons of great stuff to do, and I'm really looking forward to going back again soon.  We have a Wyndham timeshare that we were stupid enough to buy several years ago (rip off of an investment and impossible to get rid of, but great places to stay at) so we stayed at Wyndham La Cascada in a nice big Suite.  We did the river walk stuff (fortunately we went the week before Christmas Break and we went midweek, so there were no crowds anywhere - I'm sure with crowds that Kaden would get lost and fall into the River!), went to Ripley's Believe it or Not museum, which the kids loved. We hit up free night at their Children's Museum, wandered around the Alamo, saw a 3-D movie, ate dinner at a fancy restaurant, Tower of Americas, one of those tall tower restaurants way up in the air that spins.  I think the absolute best part of the trip was the Wild Life Park.  You drive through this whole wildlife reserve and feed the animals out of the window. I don't know if I've ever laughed so hard.  The zebras nearly climbed into the car!  The kids were freaking out.  Ok.... I was freaking out.  It was just nice to have a few days with Ken off work, and do nothing but relax and play with the kids.  Ken works weekends, so his days off are during the week when the kids are in school, and he has late hours and a long drive, so he really only gets about an hour with the kids before bed each night, if he actually gets out of work on time.  So the kids loved having all that time with him.
Yes, this is Kaden blowing his sister up with a cannon.  The kids are a little morbid!

Tower of the Americas - the Restaurant is at the top of a 750-ft tower and it spins while you eat.  The kids loved it. 
Oh my gosh, he's really just the cutest thing ever.

That's me actually reading.  I thought I'd forgotten how to!


Kirsten: said...

Yayyy, you are blogging AGAIN! Love the SA pix! The wildlife drive is the coolest! I'm hoping the tech gods forgive you soon so you can gain your sanity back! xoxo

The Siegert Family said...

yay your back... well I hope you are and your not just kidding this time. he he. Loved all the pics especially the wildlife drive. It looks so cool. It kinda looks like that zebra was laughing at yall. ha ha

Cheryl said...

Hi Kelly,

It is so refreshing to read your blog page. You are so entertaining in your description of everything. You have a real talent for writing, did you know that? I've been there in those bad karma days.....I think that's my middle name these days actually!

I'm glad you guys had the chance to get away on a mini vacation (even with little ones in tow!!).

You and Ken look so happy together, I'm very happy for you! That tower restaurant that you guys went to....I think that's the same place that Willie and Sharon went for their honeymoon a few years back. Keep up with the blogging!

Aunt Cheryl