Sunday, February 28, 2010

Catching up... November 09

I'm catching up on editing old photos (now that my computer is back!) and have months of adorable shots I never got to share!  I'd never let you miss out on these fantastic beautiful kiddo shots!  So, now for your viewing pleasure, we'll start with the first of three months of catch-up photos.....

We love family pizza night.  The kids have a blast making their own pizzas with all their own toppings and we usually watch a movie.  I think I was working this day while dad was home with the kids.  When I came home from showings, everyone was eagerly awaiting the pizza festivities and they'd used every sheet and blanket in the house, to do this to the trampoline....
Daddy and the kids had made a huge tent out of the trampoline and wanted to go "camping" in the backyard.  The kids were SO excited.
So we made our pizzas.
Then we took the pizzas out to our "tent" to eat. 
We played games...
and Tayla read bedtime stories.
I thought we would play in the tent then move inside for bedtime, but the kids really wanted to sleep in the tent.  So, we cuddled up under lots of blankets and all of us slept under the trampoline all night.  Before falling asleep I wondered if the sprinklers were set to go off that next morning... fortunately, we did not get a shower on our backyard camping trip!

A couple weeks later the kids & I went to Dewberry Farms with Tayla's Girl Scout Troop.  I planned to go, do the camp fire thing, hit a couple activities there and then get home as soon as possible (Ken works weekends, and keeping up with all three kids in big crowded places on my own can be daunting sometimes!) But we had SO much fun, we ended up staying until it closed down!  I did, however, lose Kaden.... twice.  This is why I avoid crowded places - one of these days I'm seriously going to put that sweet wild child on a leash!
Here's Tayla roasting marshmallows.

 Her Troop (and Tayla posing, of course)
I love these pictures! The kids all had such a blast!

So I have Linc in the stroller, and I have Kaden next to me.  I tell Kaden to stay "right here" and play on this big dirt pile next to me.  I take this picture of Tayla on the zipline, and then turn to the dirt pile to get Kaden..... and he's gone.  No where on the dirt pile.  I look at the Rope swings next to it, he's not there.  And then I freak out.  The place is pretty big and it's pretty busy b/w the regular Saturday visitors and all the Girl Scouts in the city.  After a frantic minute, I see him.... on the corn cob train.... ALL BY HIMSELF!  He saw the train from the dirt pile and just hopped over there and loaded up by himself! 
Mr. Independent!

So when I finally settled my nerves and stopped the heart attack that was coming on, we loaded everyone up and had some tokens left that we just HAD to use up.... so of course we stopped in the Sweet Shop and got some homemade fudge.  mmmm... 

And just because it's so cute...  We got home one night from visiting family & when I got home and went to unload the kids from the car I melted when I saw sweet little Lincy-Lou, all snuggled up with his Buddy-Buddy in his car seat!

Oh my goodness!!  He's so cute! Stay tuned for more...

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Kirsten: said...

Great pix of the kids! Love the last one of Linc holdin the elephant! Adorable!