Monday, March 1, 2010

Grandma's & Linc's Birthday Parties

Still catching up.... Lincoln had his FIRST birthday in November! So cute, and possibly my last "first birthday" ever... :-(   Sooo, November was a bit crazy for us.  Linc has started getting sick just weeks before, so we'd been dealing with lots of doctor appointments and they decided Linc needed to have an upper endoscopy & biopsy, and they suspected Celiac Disease.  The biopsy was done the day before his first birthday!  The procedure went well, and when the GI Doctor came out to review the procedure with us, he showed us inflammation and damage on the lining of his intestines.  He said Pathology would have to confirm the results, but what he saw, combined with Linc's clinical history and symptoms is the same as what he would see with Celiac Disease.  He said we should go ahead and start the gluten-free diet and then await the Pathology to confirm.  So....  Linc's first birthday treat was gluten-free coconut cupcakes (made with coconut flour & iced with gluten-free, dairy-free frosting.) Oh, and we found out a week later, after fully realizing how crazy the gluten-free thing was going to make our lives, that it wasn't actually Celiac Disease (turns out he has an Immune Deficiency, you can follow the link to find out what it is)...  so for his Second Birthday he'll have a full gluten cake!  But, I thought the cupcakes were pretty good (ok, the frosting was weird, but the cupcakes weren't bad at all - sort of like a coconut muffin)  Cousin Max spit his right out and wouldn't touch it again... haha.... but Linc gobbled them up & Kaden asked for more for days!!  Because of how much we had going on at the time, we just did a small party with family.


Frammy gave him this soft snuggle bear, who says The Lord's Prayer when you squeeze his hand.  This is Linc's favorite snuggle EVER.  Every time he goes to sleep, he wants his "Snuggle Buddy", and it calms him right down when he's upset about going to bed.  SO cute!

And Grandpa Willie gave him his first.....  Hooters shirt... bwa-wa-wa.... something I've ALWAYS wanted him to have.. haha.

Cousin Max (who always wears his cowboy boots & hat!)

Linc & his Piggy Bank from Frammy (which came with an official Savings Account)

And because the kids aren't spoiled enough.... the Grandparents brought presents for Tayla & Kaden, too...
Aunt Tumma & John
And a few days before that, Grandma (my mom) also had a birthday.  My sweet, sweet little brother Ian & sister Summer decided to make a cake for Mom's birthday.  They went all out with a FOUR LAYER strawberry & chocolate cake..... very impressive.... until they realized they needed to drive it to moms house, and those layers weren't very stable.  Here's the masterpiece cake after it finally arrived at Mom & Dad's house....

Cracks me up.  I couldn't stop laughing.  And the best thing about this cake was it was a crumbly mess, so no one would even notice if you just walked by and picked out a little piece.  I mean, not that I did that or anything.  Just saying. :-)

Here's Dad cooking the Birthday Dinner (and being a goofball) 

Linc trying to sneak off without being caught

Marme (My mom's mom)

Grandma with Kaden and the BEAUTIFUL birthday card he made just for her

The Bakers & their Masterpiece - with all 40-something candles! Thought we might burn the house down! Ha!



Bradley said...

haha! that cake is so funny. i would sitll it though. haha. you guys look great, i wish we could all get together sometime!

Katherine and Brad said...

oh that was katherine by the way. i guess i was in brads account.