Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello Spring!!!

Oh my goodness, I am loving this weather.  I swear, Winter makes me depressed.  I think I have a very real physical need for sunshine, and when I don't get lots of it, I get crazy!  The past several days have been so beautiful and we've looked for any excuse to get outside.  We've been having a lot of fun!


Ailona said...

Pics look great! I don't think you have any issues with your camera. Glad I was able to motivate! We'll have to get the kids together again and practice some more.

Kelly said...

Learning to use aperture setting is making a big difference!
Your color saturation is so much better - is some of that from your editing, or is it something else you're doing when you actually shoot the pictures? Definitely want to get together with you guys again soon. Fun!

Ailona said...

Yup, Aperture setting is awesome. but yeah, I do add my own special blend to give a little color pop to the images in my post processing. I shoot in raw format not just compressed jpg which gives me more data to work with. I also use Adobe Lightroom to do my editing. Its a pretty intense program, but once you learn it.. you'll never use anything else again. you can download a trial here
if you're brave enough :D