Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thoughts from a 3 year old

So tonights our big Steamed King Crab Leg dinner!!  So excited!  Ken wanted to make me a nice dinner for Valentine's and since he works weekends, we made plans for tonight.  We're making the kids leftovers and shuffling them off to our room for a movie and popcorn in the hopes that there will be peace and quiet and we can pretend like they're not here! :-)
Ken pulled out all the leftovers for Kaden to pick what he wanted.  Kaden of course picks three meats, no veggies.  A man right after his daddy's heart, and Kenny says so to him.  After finally convincing him to add a veggie, ken tells him he's going to fix up his "combo platter".  So Kaden's walking around talking about his combo platter and how gooowd it's going to be.  As Kenny starts to take the plate to the table, Kaden looks at Kenny, and very seriously says, "Daddy, are you sure I'm ready for this?"  hahaha. 
Yes, son, I think you're ready.

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Kirsten: said...

Lol, you have a lil comic on your hands! Love the expression on his face!