Friday, October 31, 2008


I watched this and was appauled!! But I'm always very careful to be sure of facts before I make opinions, especially in politics, b/c things are so often twisted and skewed one way or another. I wanted to see the facts on Obama's actual vote here, and see what moer there is to the story. Now I've looked at the facts and now I'm even more sure of where I stand.

I've known that Obama voted "present" 54% of the time in the Illinois Senate, but I didn't fully understand the importance of it. Sounded to me like he's just not doing anything - but it's even worse than that.
"Because it takes affirmative votes to pass legislation in the Illinois Senate, a "present" vote is tantamount to a "no" vote. A "present" vote is generally used to provide political cover for legislators who don't want to be on the record against a bill that they oppose." (from article). Not to mention that as a Senator, and certainly as a president it is your elected position to look at issues, determine what your constituents want and vote on their behalf!!
When you look at all the many issues that he voted "present" on - it tells a lot about the politician and "leader" that he is. He essentially voted No on really important issues, while hiding behind a "present" vote, so he wouldn't have to upset any sides or make any stands. But then Obama himself says this in his announcement speech "What's stopped us is the failure of leadership, the smallness of our politics - the ease with which we're distracted by the petty and trivial, our chronic avoidance of tough decisions,"

The Born Alive Infant Protection Act is one of the issues that he opposed by voting "present" to 3 times! Even after it was passed by every other democrat and republican in the House of Representatives! It really disgusts me that people will be so ignorant to vote for this guy without really looking into what kind of a job history he has so far, and the kind of political leadership he's provided - the president can't vote PRESENT! He voted against protecting infants, but didn't even have the leadership to stand up and say "No I'm against this and here's why!" He simply hid in the corner refusing to be pinned down on making any change! I guess if your strategy is to get into the Presidency and then make drastic changes that the majority of Americans would never support, the best plan is to stay under the radar, don't stand for or against anything that's not mainstream, then you can spout lots of fluff and give great speeches and deny any and all beliefs so no one can disagree with you. Great Leader. Great.

Someone who is voting for Obama, PLEASE explain to me why. I started out very open minded, I listened to him at the Deomcratic National Convention and I agreed with much of what he had to say. I thought, I may be able to support this guy, he's hitting on great points, he sure looks and sounds like a phenomenal leader! But then I started lookign into the facts, his history, the focus and direction of his political career thus far. The direction he's been going for the 3 years he's been a politician is horrifying! I hear peopel say they like Obama b/c he's going to bring Change. It's a great political slogan, but what the hell does that mean? Anyone will bring change - but how? What kind of change has he brought so far? NOT GOOD change. He worked closely with Acorn, who was one of the primary organizations responsible for so many of these sub-prime loans - they sued banks who would not offer loans to people who couldn't afford them, and now Obama is cursing the evil banks who took advantage of Americans by offering sub-prime loans. He was the attorney suing them when they wouldn't!!!!
I could go on and on, but I have other things to do. Before anyone goes out an votes for this guy, I hope you fully understand his work experience, and his political positions and support and that you have researched who is backing him and where his campaign money has come from. Look at what those supporters would have to gain from those huge contributions. You don't think those are smart business decisions for those investors? They're not doing it b/c he's going to fight against them and help you.

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Jenny said...

So glad to come across another INFORMED, EDUCATED voter!!! I could also go on ALL day about the "CHANGES" that this man would bring and how such changes will be detrimental for the country. I honestly wish the voters of America were given a brief IQ test, or even a test of knowledge as to what this man stands for. Do people really know?!?! I don't think so!