Thursday, March 12, 2009

Okay, let's try this again...

So I started a blog. And then I couldn't figure it out. I know. What's there to figure out? It's not that complicated. But I was at the end of my pregnancy, exhausted, super busy trying to keep up with Kaden and keep my house from becoming officially zoned a disaster area and grumpy. I didn't have the time. I like to write. I don't think I'm great at it. But I have lots of thoughts and ideas I'd like to share all the time, so I think Blogging is a good hobby for me. Although, I don't really have time for any hobbies right now. I make hobbies out of the things that need to be done. Cooking, for example. These kids keep wanting to be fed... every day... multiple times a day! It just never ends. So, I'm learning to make that a hobby. My hobbies used to be laying out at the pool, shopping, regular manis and pedis, shoes... oh how I loved buying shoes, dancing, margarita and fajita tasting. I had some nice hobbies. But these days... well, let's just say having the clerks frown at you as your 2 year old pulls shoes of the shelf box by box, kinda takes the fun out of it. So I have new hobbies. As I said before. I think Blogging is good for me. I can be interesting sometimes. I just don't know how much time I'll have to keep up!! Can you Blog from a Palm phone? If that's possible, I think I can make this work.
So back to my original point. I started this blog, and then didn't want to spend the time to figure it out. But I recently began a blog for a Freezer Cooking Group I organized, and I spent a little time figuring it out, and now i want to learn more. As I've started reading other peoples blogs, turns out everyone I know has a bog, and I didn't even know it! So to Jenny and Laura and Katherine who commented on my previous posts: I never knew you had commented until now! Katherine - so excited to see your blog, you're just the cutest happiest thing! And Laura, I didn't tell anyone I had a blog yet b/c all I had figured out to do was post! I didn't even know how to share the blog. Children are making me slow... :-)
So, here's the a new start to my blog. Tomorrow I will learn how to add pictures. I have tons of cute ones of these babies!!


Laura said...

Welcome back! I think its a good way to keep up with what's going on in people's lives. Its also a good way to reflect on your life.

Jenny said...

Can't wait to follow your family through the world of Blogging. Lets get together and hang out soon! I MISS YOU!!